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How to Avoid Depression and Anxiety During Covid-19 LockDown

How to Avoid Depression and Anxiety During Covid-19 LockDown, activities during coronavirus lockdown or isolation,
How to Avoid Depression and Anxiety During Covid-19 LockDown. (Photo/Courtesy)

Many countries are executing quarantine on suspected CoronaVirus infected persons, and ordering for total lock-down to control the spread of the virus. With this, many people are likely to be depressed or be anxious. In this post, we examine the ways of avoiding the above problems.

What exactly is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that involves low mood and loss of interest in people and daily activities. It is a constant feeling of sadness or loss of interest, that can lead to a range of behavioral and physical symptoms.

These symptoms may include changes in sleep, appetite, energy level, concentration, and/or daily behavior or self-esteem.  Thoughts of suicide also indicate a high level of depression.

How Anxiety Differs from Depression

Anxiety occurs when a person is uneasy, nervous and generally worried about something. Its symptoms include restlessness, and a feeling of being “on-edge”, uncontrollably worried, highly irritable, difficulty in concentration and sleep difficulties – such as problems in falling or staying asleep.

Coronavirus pandemic has led to a mishap in people’s daily activities. People are forced to incline to a different routine altogether, and this can lead to a feeling of unhappiness and tension. This can weigh down on outgoing people, families that are used to eating out, kids who used to enjoy going to parks during the weekends, etc.

8 Tips to Help You Remain Happy as You Stay at Home During Coronavirus Lockdown

It’s important for everyone to create a routine that will ensure that you don’t get stressed up.

The following tips can help you stay happy and comfortable amidst all the worry.

1. Play Games

  • Jumping Rope, engage yourself and your kids in rope jumping in your compound, you can also do it if you’re alone.
  • Hide and seek. This game comes in handy with kids, it helps them take off boredom, you may also play with them.
  • Game of cards, as a couple you can play cards. It helps improve your cognitive functioning and it’s fun.
  • Video games can also make you occupied during your free time. You and your family members can compete in different types of video games.

2. Have Plenty of Sleep

Sleep will help relax your muscles and nervous system. This will in turn help in reducing stress and tension which may, in the long run, lead to depression.

3. Spend Some Time Gardening

if you have a garden, you can plant flowers or vegetables. This will give you a feeling of satisfaction and self-gratification.

4. Reading.

If you love reading, you can read books of your choice from the internet or home library. Get to read motivational books. Bible can give you great inspiration and spiritually uplifting, so buy one or download Bible app to your phone.

5. Get into the Kitchen as a Family

Cooking together as a family can bring great joy because everyone gets to contribute to the menu.

6. Hold a family fellowship

Since churches have been closed, you can fellowship as a family, sing hymns, read the Bible and pray together. This will rejuvenate you spiritually, and even bring you closer to your maker.

7. Give to the Less Fortunate

Amidst this Coranavirus Lockdown, there are many people who can not meet their basic needs. If you have some food, cook for them, or even give them warm clothes, soaps, etc.

8. Explore New Indoor Activities 

Using the internet, you can learn a new recipe, make hair, sew clothes, etc. If you are used to your nanny doing chores for you, you may also consider doing them!

The above tips, and several other creative activities you can come up with, can bring light into your daily life, especially for people in quarantine and those experiencing total COVID-19 lockdown.

Best of luck! We shall overcome.



Written by Triza Cheptoo

Triza is a Passionate Kenyan Writer, Reseacher, Entrepreneur, and Lovely Mother of 3.

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