Italian Covid-19 Patients Flown by Military to Germany for Treatment

Some Covid-19 positve patients from Italy and France were flown from various locations on Saturday to Germany for specialized treatment.

The patients were flown in by Germany military to ease the burden of the countrys that have been hit worse by the pandemic.

Six Italian patients were flown in Airbus A-310 ‘Medivac’ from Bergamo, Northern Italy to Cologne,West Germany.

The patients will receive treatment in different hospitals in the region.

The protocol in which the six patients were selected is not yet known.

Different States in Germany willingly agreed to take in patients from Italy with some already in the country.

Germany Air Force plane lands carrying Italian Covid-19 Patients. (Photo/Courtesy)

Patients from hard-hit Eastern France were also flown from Metz to Essen, Germany.

Compared to Italy and France, Germany have been able to record fewer deaths. Out of 50000 cases recorded, Germany has lost 351 patients to the virus.

Meanwhile in Kenya,the number of Coronavirus positive patients has reached 42. This is after 4 more people were today tested positive for the virus.

The four Covid-19 positive individuals include, an American, Cameroonian, a Burkina Faso, and one Kenyan citizen.

They are said to have been in contact with 1,426 people who are now being traced by the government.

Even as the country is exercising nightime curfew, a total lockdown might be inevitable in the near future, as the number of infected people continue to rise.



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